MAY 2003


Name Aronegbe Osayimwen

Nickname :Aro

Age / Date of birth:

Locatin: Freden . Germany

Sex :M

TEL: +49-511-7637575

K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life
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Interested in making friends ( E.mail Pals)? : YES

Nationality: Nigerian

Marrital status : MBA

Profession.: Architect

Zodiac sign .

Hobbies: Eating, Dancing , 1 nation and meeting people.

Comment from Webmaster:

I have known him for a relatively short time but I have found a friend and a brother in him. . JOjo.

Comment from Special guest.

I have learnt in life that when you take life easy, nothing really bad can happen to you. I am an open-minden gentleman who has respect and regards for orders and protocols. I enjoy contacting people and keeping the contacts. It is nice to be important bur more important to be nice.