JUNE 2003


Name Wendy Ogbe

Nickname Princess

Age / date of birth June 29, 198...?

Location Benin-city. Nigeria.

Sex F

Contact wendysworls4ever@yahoo.com

Madonna - La Isla Bonita

Interested in making e.mail pals? YES

Nationality Nigerian

Marrital status Single

Profession Student.

Zodiac sign Cancer

Hobbies Reading novels

Comments from Webmaster

Wendy is a chic I met at a time in my life I only wanted just useful friends. She didnt disappoint my trust and confidence. She is particularly very creative especially when it comes to Internet and Technology. I am really curious about what she does with her private life but that is not my business. She is to celebrate her birthday sometime this month and I know how groovy it will be. I am not going to enjoy my absence.

Comment from special guest

I really do not believe in too much words but action may sometimes be deceitful. What I am trying to say is that you know a person only when you look deep into the eyes because "Eyes dont lie" and I dont issue idle promises. I enjoy meeting and knowing people but I dont enjoy it when people misrepresxent my aims and intentions. I shoot at sight but I say "NO" to drugs.