NAME: Des´ree Omorodion

Nickname : Smilin angel

Age / Date of Birth :

Location: Abuja

Sex: Female

Contact: smilinangel2002@yahoo.com

GSM: +234-803 5015259

Nelly - Dilemma (ft. Kelly Rowland)

Do you want e.mail pals?: Yes

Nationality: Nigerian

Marrital status: Single

Zodiac sign:

Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Kissing, eating , reading and laughing.

Profession: Student. University of Benin.

Mirrital status: Single

Comment from webmaster:

I have known Des´ree for not too long but I can say with all confidence that I really know her and she is always my "G". She is apparently shy but basically not. How one looks has no bearing (Quote from Tracy Camela Jones in Nola Darling by Spike Lee). Her crew of funky feminine groovers are enough to reanimate or rejuvinate any dying groove. In as much as she does reject any form of groove, I must say she has a very strong sinse of direction and this has been driving her positively forward. I have only seen her annoyed once ( at ogologo) and it wasnt funny. She could be dangerously wise if you over estimate her foolishness.

Comment from Guest:

Dr. Richie is a milestone in my life you no obvious reasons. He is just himself and no other person can immitate or duplicate that personality. He is full of life andvery very creative. This website has never and will never failed me. I wish all the visitors nice stay at this domain.