Name : Josephine Ajere

Nickname : The J

Age / date of birth : April 26

Location : Nigeria

Sex : F

Contact : ajere_jos@yahoo.com

GSM : +234 80 23608853

Ja Rule - Between Me And You

Want E.mail Pal?: Yes

Nationality : Nigerian

Marrital status : Single

Profession : Undergraduate ( Banking) University of Benin

Zodiac sign :

Hobbies : Dancing, Swimming, Singing karaoke, watching home videos and meeting people.

Comment from webmaster :

J is a friend and a sister. She like her other sisters take life as easy as it is and that is why they are stressless. We have been to places and seen things and I dont regret any incidence including the saga at Blue edge 1999 (involving Adoga). I am glad to have a friend like J to count on anyday.

Comment from Guest:

I have known Dr. Richie for years and have learnt a lot from him. His presence arroung us (My sisters and I) is always intopxicating especially when he comes with his funny friends like Osas (Docanut), Cletus, Ovie , Adoga etc. I cant forget the fun we had swimming, singing karaoke, eating at iyaro etc. I really wish I could wind back time with him.