I use this page to give great thanx and appreciations to all other persons not included in my family friends, who have played important and meaningful roles in my life and helping me become the "Skeezee-reez" that I am today.

During my days in the University of Benin,Kingdom Mohimiones told me "With hard work, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal". I really made great friends before graduating. Tito (Dr. Chudi Agogbua) and Eghe Ekhator were like blood brothers to me.We did and went everywhere together and those were great times.

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The best days of my life were those nights at Prest Motels karaoke bar / Club , The Blue Edge , Hexagon and some other places with people like Furo Green, Owen Abbe & Ifesi Mordi. The groove wasnt complete without Onome Edosio Lawrence Ogbeide Kate Chukwuma, Bruno Etafo, Emma Iyayi, Iredia, Jojo and some other few. I miss those sundays breakfast at Ogologo with Ovie Odugbe and Uyi.

My 1-year internship at Otibhor Okhae Teaching Hospital Irrua made me see some nice and decent part of the Ambrose Alli University , Ekpoma. The atmosphere was real nice with people like Funmi, Ame, Uyi, Linda, Gbenga Atafo, Tosan, Barbara etc.

Although I miss all these people, I must confess I still love and belong to the community I live in and enjoy the lovely and excellent collegues in my HOSPITAL. I am trying to make my daily bread out of E.C.G.

I have eventually found a brotherhood in "Pride of Africa"


Richard Skeezee-reez